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The Skyflyer

The Skyflyer is a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing vehicle). It is 5,00 m long, and 5,00 m wide; its overall weight is about 600 kg. Four horizontal propellers are individually driven redundantly by established, often used special engines. The Skyflyer has a horizontal speed of 0 to 50km/h and a rate of ascend of 1m/sec. Its general flight characteristics are similar to that of helicopters, while its steering capability is even more precise.


A fold-out 3-step gangway provides entrance to the passenger compartment of the two seats. The passenger compartment has a hydraulic transparent hood. Joy-stick controlled elements allow anyone to learn the operating functions in the shortest possible time. The instrument panel is a multi-functional display which provides system-relevant flight and aircraft information, as well as details about the pilot's qualification and his current status (chip card).




The passenger compartment is designed according to the latest security requirements for aircraft and automobile construction. The interior has fully automatic air-conditioning. Instrumentation is to a great extent adaptable to the requirements of the individual customer. The outer appearance (painting, marking, lighting, etc.) can be customized as well (within constraints given by design-engineering).

Certification by the Technical Inspection Agency Rheinland/Berlin/Brandenburg (TÜV) ensures that the Skyflyer flight control and airspace control correspond to state-of-the-art international safety engineering. During serial production of Skyflyer, project monitoring is also available, as well as quality control, certified by the Technical Inspection Agency Rheinland/Berlin/Brandenburg.